Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Memories I'd rather forget

I woke up this morning from the dream again.

Its always the same I wake up just as he takes me in his arms.
I hate it almost as much as I hate being here. If it wasn't for that damn BULB they put in my head I'd kill everyone here and leave. So I get up an get ready.

At least all the facilities here are first class. The apartment they gave me is brilliant. And the wardrobe they gave me is just brilliant. But then I'm disturbed by the new Assistant Administrator he's trying to be a real hard case. And he's dressed in some kind of battle armour.
"Get suited up. Crater is here we need to sart group training immediatley." he orders.
He looks like somekind of Doctor Doom reject. I don't hate him, yet.
So I suit up.

*sings* "singing in the rain- im just a singing in the rain, oh what a glorius feelin, when I see that wet t-shirt!
Yeah well she's hot but she'd kill you two on the spot. So Koma knows that lusty thoughts should be dropped.

Nice to see you comments.

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