Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Never make decisions when drunk

I was minding my own business, relaxing by the pool when these two showed up.

They introduced themselves as Mathews and Brennan. Brennan's the redhead. They were spooks but whose were they. They told me my talents were needed elsewhere.
Now this wasn't the first time I'd had some government agency or corporation after my talents and when I was down a dollar or two I'd do these jobs.

Oh if you hadn't read my bio you wouldn't know I'm indestructable. Well I am, just believe it.

So I do the hospitable thing and invited them in. I asked them if they wanted something to drink, I was in the middle of a very large Daiqauiri I made recently. Mathews politley refused. Brennan (thats the chick who in my slightly inebreated state looked very nice.) asked for Tea, white 3 sugars. 
"Your more than sweet enough." I replied. Brennan smiled back.
 Mathews gave me a greasy look. He either wanted to get this over with or he had thing for Brennan.

"Mister Schniender our offer comes from Pegasus." explained Mathews.
I dropped my Daiqauiri and looked outside for troops, Sentinals, anything. One time when the Japanese were after me the sent these ninjas. They didn't hurt me but one of them was really hot and well we made a deal. Good Times, wish they'd come back.
"There are no troops or Pegasus Agents backing us up." sad Brennan. Her and Mathews were still where I left them.

"So your here to give me an offer from Pegasus and you didn't come with backup" I choked a laugh. "Look what makes you think I'll go back to Falstaff."
"Its not Falstaff who wants you." said Brennan.
"If its Crowbar you can go to hell." I snapped back. "There's no way I'm runnin around playing secret super agent."
"Its for Spearhead. The deal is simple you go work for Spearhead and you get paid for it." Mathews answered dryly.
"Spearhead is for criminals, murderers and psycho thrill seekers. What happens if I don't go?" I didn't want to work there but there was always an ultimatum. Some incentive.
"We'll pay you double your normal fee." offered Brennan.
I was so pissed off I was going to give these spooks a piece of my inebriated mind.
"There's no incentive that could...." I stalled mid-sentance. "Double what I got paid last time?"
"Yes double." confimed Brennan.
"Hey I'm invulnerable whats a few suicide missions. Where do I sign up?" Hey I got paid half a million US last time. I'm not gonna give up a cool million.

Now it cold have been the Daiqauiri talking then but I think I might have asked Brennan for a little celebratory skinny dip in the pool. Anyway I'm at Spearhead now and despite some regrets I remind myself I'm invulnerable. There's nothing I can't deal with.

Damn I gotta stop making those damn Daiqauiri's.

Oh as soon as I am done helping Amber it's on.
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