Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm in control. I'm in control.

Well Koma got us all together for training and I'd never had a more chaotic training session. Well to tell the truth I hadn't trained with others since my days at at Pegasus which was in the 1990's. The main reason why it was so chaotic was Ayris. He's a real arsehole and tried to do everything himself. He was constantly in everyones way. What was amazing was that he almost did everything himself. Eventually while dealing with a wall of adamantium Ayris pretty much got crushed. I could hear his bones snapping under the strain. I ran to see if I could help, neither Vortex or Ki-Yama seemed to care. Koma stopped the session there and I went to help Ayris but he pushed me away and hobbled out of the training room.
Vortex told me that he heals very quickly and it wont be long till he was back. But he didn't come back. Koma came in and said that he'd be taking the rest of the session with us.
Now I remember Koma back when he was a lab rat working for Dr Flinders at Pegasus. Pegasus is a training facility for super-humans which is still run by Dr. Flinders. Koma was there to theorise how we could apply our powers and worked out ways to test them. But seeing him suited up in body armour he didn't look like Dr. Peters. He teleported in and out of trouble and on one occasion used some energy shield to protect him and Ki-Yama from an explosion.
After we finished Vortex came up to me in the change rooms.
"Dude! I didn't think Koma would be like that. He was in the middle of everything."
I agreed with him. But I was wondering as to how Dr. Peters became Koma.

I mean look at a old picture of him from when he worked at Pegasus.

Now look at him.

Koma was waiting for me outside the change rooms.
"Warren, come with me. I have a surprise for you." He was similing. And quickly he walked down the hallway. I followed. I was still hurting from the training session. He turned around to see me hobbling he stopped and waited for me.
"Sorry" He appoligised. "I forgot that was your first training session. I'll slow down."
He didn't do as much as me but he wasn't even looking tired. How the hell was he doing it. Eventually we got to a security door it was one of those ones with a keypad and passcard entry. Koma just walked up to it and opened it, it musn't have been armed.
We entered into what I knew was a hanger. There was a plane and someone else.

"Pfwoarr!" I exclaimed.
"Yes she's she's marvelous. Isn't she." agreed Koma.
"Yeah she's stunning and the planes pretty good too." I added.
Koma just looked at me and shook his head.
"This is Ms. Justice Nichols she's the head of aircraft enginering here at Spearhead." introduced Koma

"Which really means I'm a plane mechanic." quiped the very nice Ms Nichols.
Now normally I'd jump right in and probably get slapped in the face or get something. But this was Koma's show and he'd already given me the no flirting with Spearhead staff speach.
Damn! this was going to be hard.

Don't listen to Koma. He dips his pen into the company ink.

Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.
Hey I said no flirting with the staff i said nothing about the staff flirting with Warren.
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