Saturday, January 13, 2007

Finally! some action.

I was meditating in the corner when I heard them comming up the hallway.

Crater was snoring on the couch. I woke him.

"Are we on?" he asked.
I noded and motioned him to shut up by putting my index finger to my lips. He smiled, then looked behind as to ask whether we should wake Ayris.
"No." I said softly.

They broke the door down and fired all over the room.

Crater was still sitting on the lounge chair.
"Guys I think you missed me?" he quipped. They fired again and again until they ran out of bullets.
-chk- -chk- -chk- went each gun one by one.
"Hey guys its been nice knowing you all." joked Crater as I leapt from behind his chair and quickly dispatched the intruders.

Ayris walked out of the bedroom as I killed the last of them.

"Oh so I missed the fun." he said reluctantly.

"They know we are here, and they may know who we are." I said.

"So what let them come. The three of us could take care of everyone on Fiji in two days." spat Aryis.

"We leave here now." I order. "Stake out a defensive postion and wait till Vortex and the cyclone gets here."

"Meh!" grumbles Ayris. But he does what I say.

We find a desterted office. Crater checks in with Prescott. The plan is still on track. Crater tells me that Vortex is only minutes from making landfall. When he hits Suva we begin.

Unfortuantely I hear someone's voice in my head.
"My name is Psykan and you three have two choices. Surrender or die."

I hate telepaths.

Oh, the drama!
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