Thursday, March 29, 2007

I have a decicion to make

this happen while Koma fights Psykan

"I hate this." complains Ayris for the 25th time.
He and I are in a back alley not far from where Koma is dealing with Psykan. How can Koma deal with a telepath. I really don't care. I hate telepaths its like they're cheating being able to read your thoughts. I'm sure Koma's gizmos work but I've learned that if you trust anything other than yourself, your bound to be disappointed.
"Are you even hearing me?" complains Ayris trying to get my attention. "I said I don't like this not one f.."
He stops talking because, not only do I have a very sharp knife close to his manhood. I 'm holding the BULB activator in his face and my thumb is hovering over the red button.

I have to admit the temptation is huge. I could kill him or mutilate him. Then again both would be good as well. I smile at him. I put the BULB activator away.
"I knew you wouldn't do it." He replies.
"Its not wise to be a smart-ass when someone is holding a knife to your jewels." I answer and quickly (but carefully) he backs away from the knife. He looks up to me and he's about to give some lame response but his eyes look past me.
"Force." he whispers.
I tell him with hand signals he's supposed to take the aerial path over the buildings while I go around on foot. Its a traditional pincer manoeuvre, even an idiot like Ayris can understand it.

Amazingly it works and we take Major Force, Xeenon and Chroma by surprise. Xeenon takes to the air to deal with Ayris. I have to deal with both Chroma and Force.
"The clones gone and left you all alone my dear." taunts Force.
Force is an egomaniac but that doesn't mean he's not good at what he does. And Chroma with her steel skin (just think of a female version with Colossus, sexier with better verbal skills) is hard to kill.

Force opens fire on me. I take evasive action. The fire was to put me in a position so Chroma could tag me. The impact of her blow knocks me into a parked car.


I blanked out for a few seconds. Chroma is standing over me. I know I've broke a rib or three, possible concussion, and my right hand is hanging of my wrist.
"So ninjas can't take a hit." Its Force. I can hear him walking up. I catch a glimpse of him, his weapons down. Just wait a few seconds.
"You know that surprises me. I thought you were some kind of special ninja girl. Oh well I hope your next life goes better. That is what you ninjas believe isn't it." His taunts are vain and incorrect.
In my left hand there are three throwing blades. In one quick movement they are in the air. In the next.
"Arrrgh! You bitch." screams Force in pain. Chroma turns to aid Force which gives me enough time to roll under the car.
"Its just a flesh wound Chroma, keep your eyes on the.." says Force.
The two look around, but its too late. I've already crawled to the other side of the street.
"There she is." Points out Chroma.
Then I detonate the explosives I put under the car.

I get up and try and get out of there.


Koma is in front of me.

continued in Captain Koma

Quick thinking, Ki-Yama. Blow up everything around them until they stop coming after you.
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