Thursday, March 15, 2007

The International Guard

Ayris makes me so mad. I hate him so much, I hope he dies on this mission.

I tell Crater to go after the telepath. He still asks me how he's supposed to find Psykan. Are all men so dumb, just once it would be nice to meet a man who can use more than just the brain in his pants. I give him the locator so he can find Psykan. To his credit Crater just goes.

Ayris swaggers in as Crater leaves.
"What's he doing?" he complains.
I tell him Crater's going after Psykan while we go after the other International Guard.
"You and me versus, Commander Force Xeenon and Chroma. Sounds like fun." He smiles wickedly. This guy either thinks he's immortal or has a real death wish.

If we strike the IG fast and soon we can put them off balance. Crater is immune to telepaths and that should give him and edge over Psykan. All we have to do is find Commander Force, that egomaniac can't be far away. I suggest we lay low and wait for Force to rescue Psykan from Crater.
"Bullshit!" he protest. "No way I'm skulking in the shadows like some assassin." I just glare at him.

"And they say women bitch and complain." I reply and I show him the other little device Koma gave me.
"Thats the activator for my BULB." he explains.
I nod. If I just press the green button he'll have a major headache. If I press the red one his brain will explode. I must say I was tempted to do it then. But I was interrupted.


It was Koma.

If you made his brain explode that would be cool.

Totally disgusting, but cool.
Oh I really want to do that.

It would be very pleasurable.
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